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“"From manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, making inspection tools simpler", welcome to Ziyuan Metal!

About Us
Dongguan Ziyuan Metal Products Co., Ltd. Dongguan Ziyuan Metal Products Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhiye Metal) mainly produces high-quality aluminum and stainless steel metal shells, automotive metal parts, aluminum heat sinks, and precision hardware stamping parts, and also develops and manufactures hardware stamping molds.
The company has complete production supporting facilities, including more than 30 large double axis punching machines such as 600T, 500T, 400T, 300T, 250T, 200T, 160T, and 110T. Other processing equipment is complete, including 8 servo tapping machines, 2 welding machines, 1 fusion welding machine, and 2 riveting machines. The surface oil stains are cleaned using a carbon cleaning machine and ultrasonic vibration, which meets environmental protection requirements. The production process is clear and smooth, and the measuring instruments are complete and precise. There are anime, 2.5 dimensional, three-dimensional, and microelectronic testing machines. Our company adheres to the management philosophy of "teamwork, customer first, continuous improvement, and continuous innovation", advocates environmental protection, cherishes resources, manages by objectives, and continuously improves "to do a good job in environmental protection, and continuously introduces and enhances production technology.
The company obtained ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 system certifications in 2006, fully implemented 7S in 2007, fully implemented TS16949 system and obtained relevant certifications in 2009, and obtained IATF16949 conversion certification in March 2018.
The development process of the company has always adhered to the principle of "customer first, quality first", emphasizing reputation and pursuing excellence.
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